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MasterManual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes
At Sharp Tools, we also manufacture Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes. The master electrodes are subjected to strict quality control at every stage, right from the testing of raw materials up to the testing of finished products. This ensures superior quality electrodes that are supplied at very competitive prices to customers.
Master Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes can be used for welding in:

  • Ship-Building
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Vessel Fabrication
  • Chemical plants
  • Railways
  • Fertilizer
  • Other industries
    E 6010
    Site welding of pipes and pipelines in all positions using ‘Stove Pipe’ and conventional techniques particularly for root bead. It can be used where stringent NDT requirement and testing codes are involved.
    E 6013
    Truck frames and bodies, steel structures and tanks, mobile construction equipment, railway wagons, ships, pipelines, bridges, etc.
    E 6013
    Pressure pipelines which cannot be welded from inside.
    Storage tanks, automobile bodies, L.P.G. cylinders.
    Railway coach panels, shipbuilding, bridges.
    Pressure vessels, construction equipment.
    Steel furniture, sheet metal works.
    E 7016
    Railway, class III steel.
    For fixing rails to mild steel girders, for overhead cranes and for butt welding of rail ends.
    For repair in cast irons (pre-heat necessary for large parts).
    Joining mild steel to cast iron, shipping, oil tanks.
    For welding of mild steel plates of thickness exceeding 20mm.
    For depositing layer before hardfacing.
    Boilers, pressure vessels.
    E 7016-1 For one side welding of pipes, Hortenspers, pressure vessels, for NACE quality carbon steel pipes and structures of offshore process platforms, penstocks generally for carbon steels and low alloy steel fabrications where severe service conditions exist.
    E 7018 Blast furnace steel work, atomic reactor shell and pipe work, heavy welded fabrications as replacement for castings, bridges, penstocks pressure vessels, root runs in heavy and restrained joints, etc.
    E 7018.1 For joining seals, speed rings and spiral casings of turbines Joining alloy steels such as Si-Mn, heat treated steels containing Ni upto 1.0%. For welding of steel type A 516 Grade 70LT 50 etc. For heavy joints under restraint and subject to dynamic loading for low temperature applications.
    E 7024 Heavy structures like crane and bridge girders.
    Assembly of earthmoving equipment.
    Welding of thick plates in penstocks, shipbuilding, boilers, etc.
    Heavy machinery parts.
    Pressure vessels.
    E 7024 Heavy structurals like cranes and bridge girders, assembly of earth moving equipment, heavy machinery parts, in shipbuilding, Pressure vessels, etc.
    E8018 B2 For welding 1 Cr/0.5 Mo and similar creep-resistant steels represented by ASTM A 182 - F2, F11, F12, A387-2, 11, 12, A 213-T2, T11, T12; A335-P2, P11, 12 and German steels 13CrMo44, 15CrMo5, etc used in boilers, power plants, oil refineries and Chemical plants.
    E 308-16 For the welding of stainless steels, (18/8) represented by AISI types 301, 302, 304 & 308; and German steel nos. 4016, 4501, 4300, 4301 on continental steel V2A, Ugine NS 22S NS 21S, Avesta 832 MV; Soderfors 553, Sandvik OR-2, UHB stainless 3, etc. Steels of difficult weldability such as certain grades of armour steel, for building-up stainless surfaces on centrifugal pump impellers and shafts, valve faces, seats and chemical plants.
    308 L
    E 308 L-16 For the welding of 18/8 stainless steels represented by AISI types 301, 302, 304 and 308 having very low carbon content.
    E 309-16 Welding AISI 309 type, straight chrome steels, joining stainless steel to lower alloy steels and carbon steels, welding the clad side of 18/8 clad steels. Building up mild steel to improve wear resistance and for building up worn parts of wear resisting steels.
    309 Mo
    E 309 Mo-16 For welding of 316 type clad steels as well as dissimilar metals such as molybdenum containing austenitic stainless steel to carbon steel, for welding type 309 Mo steel. Also suitable for joining difficult to weld steels and for building of carbon steels to improve their wear-resistance
    E 310-16 Welding AISI 310 type, German steels 4762, 4828, 4841, 4846 and 4848, cladding side of stainless-clad steels, straight chrome steels and dissimilar steels-hydrogenation and polymerization plant, gas turbine combustion chamber parts, high temperature furnace parts, annealing boxes and carburising pots.
    E 312-16 For welding difficult to weld steels e.g. high carbon hardenable tool, die and spring steels, 13% Mn steels, free cutting steels, High temperature steels.
    Dissimilar joints between stainless and high carbon steels. Surfacing of metal to metal wear areas, hot working tools, furnace. components.
    Due to high ferrite content and high cracking resistance suitable for problem steels with higher strength such as pressing dies and trimming tools.
    E 316-16 The 18/13/Mo steels such as AISI 316 and 317 types, tanks, coils and vats used in the pulp, paper and textile industries, chemical Mixers, paint and dye industries
    316 L-15
    E316 L-15 For welding AISI 316L type containing a maximum of 2% ferrite; also for welding AISI types such as 316, 316L 317L, 318; specially designed for urea reactors and similar chemical equipment.
    316 L-16
    E 316 L-16 Stainless steels such as AISI 316, 316L and 317L in clad fabrication in chemical plants, paint, dye industries, etc.
    Cast Iron- Ni
    E Ni-CI Because of easy and intimate fusion with all grades of cast iron, the electrode is best suited for welding and repairing all cast iron components. Excellent for building up a non corrosive surface of nickel on cast iron parts exposed to corrosive liquids. Successful applications include repair of broken castings, building up of worn surfaces or correcting machining errors on castings and joining cast iron to steel.
    Cast Iron Ni-Fe
    E Ni-Fe-CI Because of easy and intimate fusion with all grade of cast iron the electrode is best suited for welding and repairing all cast iron components. Successful applications include repair of broken castings, building up of worn surfaces or correcting machining errors on castings and joining cast iron to steel. Welding of nodular graphite iron, malleable iron subject to heavy wear.
    Cast Iron
    Ni-Cu B
    E Ni-Cu B Repair of cast iron castings, correcting, machining errors on castings, rebuilding worn surface, joining cast iron to steel. Well suited for gears, machinery parts, pump bodies, etc.


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