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MIG Wire Manufacturing Machines

Rotating Die Holder

Sharp Tools’ rotating die holders are best suited with wire drawing machines. The rotating die holder reduces die wear by providing a working surface instead of a stationary point. The die life gets extended due to the fact that there is no ovality in the die. The dimensions of the wire are also highly concentric. By experience, it has been found that die life increases to around six times when compared to a stationary die. The less frequently the die is changed, the more the productivity of the wire drawing machine.

  Advantages of a rotating die-holder:
  • Highest drawing performance and yields
  • Better lubrication
  • No tunnelling phenomena
  • Longer die-life
  • No wire ovalization
  • Energy saving
  • Better finished wire quality
  • Maximum machine utilization time
  The rotating die holders are available in mechanically driven and motor-driven models.
Wire drawing machine for fine wires
Model S10
Wire drawing machine for fine wires
Model S10 M

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