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MIG Wire Manufacturing Machines

Sharp Portable Drilling Systems
  Sharp Tools’ electro magnetic base portable drilling system allows you to drill holes accurately anywhere, anytime. The portability of the drilling system makes it very handy. It is available in model SPDS 1330 & SPDS 3285
  Model SPDS 1330 can be used with wonder cutters from dia 13mm to dia 30mm and flute drills upto 13mm.
Model SPDS 3285 can be used with wonder cutters from dia 32mm to dia 85mm and flute drills upto 32mm.
  Salient Features:
  • Holes can be drilled in large immovable work pieces and those pieces which will not fit into ordinary drilling machines
  • Ideal for on site drilling operations
  • Less weighht and hence easily portable
  • Less power requirement
  • Construction activities – Bridges, High rise buildings
  • Drilling at different angles
  • Elevators
  • Ship construction
Model SPDS 1330
Model SPDS 1330
Model SPDS 3285
Model SPDS 3285

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