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MasterTubular Electrodes
Qualified metallurgists with vast experience in the field of welding consumables have developed Sharp Tools’ Master Tubular Electrodes. They have been designed and manufactured to offer the maximum value for money through:
  • High metal recovery efficiency
  • Low input current
  • Minimum dilution of base metals
  • Reduction of time
  • The vast range of electrodes offered by Sharp Tools cover the entire spectrum of industries. We guarantee very short delivery periods.
    MasterTubular Product Range
    Products Alloy basis Mechanical Properties
    Master MT 10 Tip Colour - Mint Green C, Cr, Mn, Si High & very fine Chromium Carbides in tough matrix of Austenite. Versatile alloy, particularly suitable for surface layers on Manganese Steels. Excellent in severe abrasion with moderate impact.
    Master MT 20 Tip Colour - Pink C, Cr, Mn, V, Si Martensitic - Austenitic work hardening deposit. Work hardens with heavy impact to give good abrasion & impact resistance. Universal wear resistant and is not sensitive to hot cracking.
    Master MT 30 Tip Colour - White C, Cr, B, Mn, Si Chromium Carbides in hard Martensitic matrix. Resistant to wet or dry abrasive or erosive media.
    Master MT 40 Tip Colour - P.O. Red C, Cr, Mo, Nb, W, V Comprises a hard austenitic matrix with complex carbides of Cr, Mo, Nb, W & V. Versatile & superior type specially designed for exceptional resistance to severe fine abrasion & erosion at both ambient, elevated temp upto 800șC
    Master MT 40 Co Tip Colour - Deep Orange C, Cr, Co, Mo Comprises complex carbides austenitic matrix. Specially designed alloy to resist abrasion & oxidation under moderate impact at elevated temperature up to 900șC
    Master MT 50 Tip Colour - Satin Blue C, Mn, W, Cr Fine Tungsten Carbides & Fe-Cr-W Carbides in martensitic matrix. Excellent in severe abrasion with moderate impact.
    Master MT 50 (M) Tip Colour - Gold WC, Cr Fine Tungsten Carbides(42%) & Fe-Cr-W Carbides in martensitic matrix. Resistance to extreme abrasion under low impact but less expensive than MASTER MT 50 due to lower tungsten content.
    Master MT 60 Tip Colour - Golden Yellow C, Cr, V, Mo, Mn, Si Complex Carbides of Cr, V, Mo in tough Austenitic matrix. Most versatile alloy, excellent abrasion resistance with moderate to heavy impact even at elevated temperature.
    Master MT 70 Tip Colour - Pista C, Cr, Ni, Mn, Si Chromium Carbide in Austenitic Iron.> Direct application on grey cast iron & does not need buffer layer on low carbon steels.
    Master MT 80 Tip Colour - Black C,Cr, Mo,V,Ni,Mn, Si Complex Carbides of Cr, mo, V in a tough Austenitic matrix. Most Versatile alloy having excellent resistance to both severe abrasion & heavy impact. High compressive strength & can withstand elevated temperature.
    Master MT 90 Tip Colour - Silver C, Mn, Ni, Cr Austenitic Manganese Steel deposit with essential addition of Ni & Cr. Particularly suitable for thick deposits to rebuild crusher parts e.g. Granite Crushers & buffer layer before Hard Facing Mn steels.
    Master MT 100 Tip Colour - Violet C, Cr, Mo A Martensitic alloy cast iron. Particularly suitable for hard facing of Mixer Blades, Dredge Pumps, Conveyor & Crusher parts, Cement & Coal Handling equipments in a wide range of moderate abrasion & impact conditions.
    Master MT 120 Tip Colour - French Blue C, Cr, Mo, B, V A fine Martensitic matrix of Chromium Carbides & Borides. Excellent abrasion resistance in high velocity fine particle applications where erosive wear is a major problem e.g. Impeller Blades & Housing, Liner Plates, Fan Blades etc.
    Master MT 140 Tip Colour - Canary yellow C, Cr, W, Co, Nb Exceptional resistance to metallic friction at both ambient & elevated temp. up to 600șC under moderate impact e.g. Hot Shear Blades, Lifting Tongs For Billets, Tools for Hot Die Forging & Tools for Hot Punching.
    Master MT 160 Tip Colour - Brown C, Cr, Mo, Nb Large quantities of Cr & Nb Carbides in tough & hard Austenitic Matrix. Specially designed for high stress abrasion with heavy impact e.g. Quarry Swing Hammers, Pulveriser Hammers etc.
    Master MT 180 Tip Colour - Sandalwood C, Cr, Mo, Ni Appreciable quantities of Chromium Carbides in a tough Austenitic matrix. Resists corrosion or chemical attack accompanied with abrasion / erosion e.g. Valve Seats, Crusher Parts employed in the chemical & mining industries.
    Master MT 800 Tip Colour - Smoke Gray C, Cr, V, Ni, Mn, Si Comprises hard complex carbides in austenitic matrix. FIRST TIME IN TUBULAR FORM - A TECHNOLOGICAL BREAK THROUGH. Rough & hard weld metal deposition on sugarcane Crushing Rolls in-situ & juice-on. Increases life & efficiency of crushing, eliminates Chevron - Grooves.
    Master MT 1000 Tip Colour - Phirozi C, Cr, Mo, Nb, W, V Austenitic matrix with complex carbides. Excellent wear resistance to severe abrasive wear even at 800șC under impact. Increases life of Sugarcane Cutting Knives.
    Master MT 1200 Tip Colour - Mushroom C,Cr Mo, V,Ni,Mn,Si Complex Carbides of Cr, Mo, V in a tough austenitic matrix. Excellent resistance to abrasion under heavy impact. Particularly suitable for Fiberiser Hammers / Shredded Hammers in Sugar Mills.
    Master MT-SHR Tip Colour - Bus Green C,Cr Mo,Nb, W, Ti, Fe, Ni Comprises of complex Carbides in nickel based austenitic matrix. Excellent resistance to severe abrasion under moderate impact at elevated temperature upto 1000șC

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