Machinery Division

Machinery Division

Empowering Welding Industry Since 1967

Sharp Tools is a world renowned and globally recognised manufacturer specializing in a wide range of machinery tailored for the production of welding consumables, including Stick electrodes, MIG/MAG wires, SAW flux and wires, and FCW (Flux-Cored Wire) wires.

With a stellar reputation in the industry, Sharp Tools has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality equipment and solutions to meet the demands of welding consumable manufacturers worldwide.

Sharp Tools is a prominent player in the welding consumables machinery manufacturing industry. It is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, global reach, customer-centric approach, and most of all, its commitment to excellence.

With a wide array of machinery solutions and a strong customer base, Sharp Tools continues to add value by contributing to the success of welding consumable manufacturers worldwide.

Machinery for Manufacturing Stick (MMAW/SMAW) Electrodes

Hydraulic Pay Off Stand for wire drawing

Wire Drawing Machine

Static Coiler

Wire Straightening and Cutting machines for wires from 1mm to 8mm with speed from 15m/min to 240m/min.

Special machines for High Tensile wires, Non Ferrous wires and extra long wires are available

Automatic Wire Collection System available.

High Speed Counter Current Wet Flux Mixer with capacity 75 kg to 250 kg

Muller type Wet Flux Mixer with capacity 5 kg to 500 kg with water cooling jacket

Wet Flux Consistency Tester to check consistency of flux before unloading Wet Flux Mixer

Briquetting Press capacity 6 Tons to 8 Tons Force

Hydraulic Extrusion Plants with capacity 70 Tons to 360 Tons Force with Production capacity 50 kg to 15000 kg per 8 hours.

Wire Feeder with Capacity 5m / min to 540m / min

Horizontal 90° Extrusion Plant with sliding flux cylinder arrangement

Horizontal 90° Extruder with fixed Flux Cylinder

Horizontal 30° Degree Extruder

Vertical 90° Twin Cylinder Extruder

Co-axial (In line ) Extruder

Laboratory Model Extruders

Main Conveyor Comprising Transfer Conveyor, Holding End Brushing & Tip Grinding systems with speed to match the Extruder

Unloading Conveyor with speed to match the main conveyor

Online Brand & Code Printing Machine

Online Graphite Printing Machine

Non Destructive Concentricity Tester

Batch Type Electric Baking Ovens with Maximum Temperature 150° C and 450° C with Swing Door or Vertical Door. Thyristorised Heating Control through Programmable Profile Controller with print out facility for traceability of Batch.

Continuous Online Drying Oven up to 150° C

Wire and Flux Reclamation Machine (Wet Condition )

Wire Reclamation Machine (Dry Condition after drying or baking)

Counting & Box Filling Machine

Manual Heat Shrink Tunnel

Automatic Bag forming, Sealing & Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

Machinery for Manufacturing MIG Welding Wires

Preliminary Wire Drawing (Break Down) Machine

Fine Wire Drawing Machine with maximum speed 15 m / second

Wire Surface Cleaning & Copper Coating Tank with minimal water requirement (No running water)

Jumbo Spooler synchronized with Fine Wire Drawing Line with Layering facility during reverse winding

Precision Layer Rewinding Machine with maximum speed of 20 m / second

Adopters for All Type of Spools available compatible with Precision Layer Winder

Manual Heat Shrink Tunnel

Automatic Bag forming, Sealing & Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

Machine for CCMS / TIG Wires

Automatic Inox TIG / CCMS Wire Cutting and Brand Embossing Machine